My first blog follower!!

Hi everyone, today is a very special day for me to write my first ever blog in my life. I am so excited about my first blog. Very hard to think and choose a good Title & topic for my blog. After long thoughts of 26 hours, I decided my topic. Which is a very valuable topic for me. “Lui Maria”

Surprised naa!!

Not to surprise. She is the first ever follower on my WordPress blog. Unforgettable personality for me. I don’t know my hobby of blogging will go far long or will end in few months. But I will never forget the personality which I met first time in my WordPress world.

Lui Maria is 16-year-old blogger from the beautiful country New Zealand (land of the Long White Cloud). Lui a proud Kiwi who loves her country’s beauty, photographer, writer, traveller and piano lover. She joins world of blogging on July 12, 2016, with her debut blog “Hello World”. Currently, she has more the 514 followers in last 15 months with an average of 34 followers per month (high growth for any non-celebrity person). She also has YouTube channel name “Anju and Lui”. Co-channel with her best friend Anju.

She wrote hundreds of blogs regarding travelling, the beauty of her country, her daily life, health and much more. She is the first one which I follow on WordPress. Learned a lot from her blogs. E.g.: How to write a blog, how to select correct title, tags, website and page management etc. especially her first line of blog “Hey Sweet Peas”  😀

In my blog, I want to thank Lui for everything I am learning from her pages and social media sites. I wish her much more success and healthy life ahead.

I have only one follower today which is Lui, but in future, if anyone follows me, I will highly recommend them to follow Lui, read her blogs/watch videos to understand Lui’s way of living life.

At the end I want to share Lui’s message to all of you;

“I hope to share a bit of my life, style tips, positivity, and my love of life with you! 🙂 My goal is to make a difference in the world, one small step at a time, through my temperamental computer 🙂 I am a self-proclaimed activist for change and equality, and I pride myself on learning to remedy my ignorance’s so I can become a globally aware citizen of the world.” (Lui Maria)


Thanks for reading my blog and advance apology for my language mistakes. I am not perfect but I will try to improve my blogging style ASAP. 🙂

Hassan Zada 🙂




  1. Hey Hassan 🙋

    Very kind of you writing about your first follower and in overall you blog looks clean and we’ll structured. I’m quiet new here aswell, but since you want some views I would advice you to visit other bloggers every now and than and live a comment or like.

    That’s how I started building my audience, and it worked! They will always check your page back.
    I make sure that if I write today, tomorrow I will be just visiting and reading others posts and answering comments.

    Hope you find this helpful. Stay well 😊

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  2. Dear Hassan, this is such a lovely warm post which reveals your heart to be the same–so I must follow your blog 🙂 And thank you for your nice comments on my poetry–I appreciate it. I’ve had MANY blogs since I began 7 years ago–and now I’m old and lacking the energy I used to have for socializing with other bloggers. So if I do not read and comment here frequently, you must understand that it’s nothing personal about you 🙂 God bless you abundantly during this glorious season!

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