100% Guaranteed??

Take a look around any IELTS Social media sites or even take a walk around most cities in developing countries and you’ll see claims like this (as shown in below Newspaper ads).

How can you 100% guarantee a Band 7 in 30 days? Is it possible? Sure. Can you 100% guarantee it? You have as much chance of that as 100% guaranteeing I’m going to win gold at the next Olympics.

A good teacher can show you how to do that, but there is a huge difference between learning and doing. No school in the world has a 100% success rate.

These claims are no better than the people selling fake IELTS certificates. They are preying on the vulnerable and see only $$ signs rather than actually wanting to help people.

They are actually a good thing because it’s a massive warning sign to students. If your school guarantees results in a short period of time or something like ‘100% of our students get a Band 7 or above’ or ‘We 100% guarantee our course is the best….’ they are not being truthful with you. Run in the opposite direction.

A good school should have a line of successful students all wanting to happily tell you about their experience. Not just IELTS certificates they create with Photoshop or people who work for the school, but real people with real advice.

A good school should have teachers who are happy to provide you with quality materials for free.

Not just something they’ve copied from someone else, but original materials that actually help people.

Poor schools don’t have these. All they have are false marketing promises.

There are many great schools and teachers out there. You don’t have to fall for this.


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