16 Successful Habits

(For immediate change in life)

Adopt these habits if you are really looking forward to motivated, calm, stable and peaceful life. Avoid being the Underdog. They are not just theories but I have applied them in my life and earned best results in short period of time to try if you are willing to change your life! Make habit of:

  1. Sleeping early and wake up early, take at least 6 hrs. Rest and start your day proactively with Prayers and mission in mind to help yourself and others.
  2. Never forget to say “Thank GOD” Alhumdulillah for everything by heart daily at least once in a day even in happiness or sadness, it will lower burden from your soul.
  3. Make less but quality friends, never worry about what others will say about you!
  4. Make 5 to do list or tasks on daily basis and try to complete them.
  5. Starting or doing a business, Always give good quality and awesome customer service with honesty. Your real office begins after 8pm till 11pm in the night so commit yourself daily to hard work if you are doing a job in the daytime.
  6. Stop lying, wasting time, cheating, dishonesty, deceiving and all addictive, alcoholic, sexual or intimate activities, it will give you high self-esteem and more energy. What GOD has forbidden can never bring joy to life, remember this principle!
  7. Follow all people who motivate and inspire you whether by books or lectures audio or video or social media post and listen or read daily something fruitful which adds new learning in your life.
  8. Never skip any prayer (worship), elevate your faith, talk to GOD, be kind, practice extreme patience, adopt good manners, think positive, contribute in your family, ask yourself about the purpose of your life and try to become better from yesterday on daily basis.
  9. Think about others benefits on the daily basis that how you can bring quality and value to their lives and start doing something about it now!
  10. Help others sincerely if you want to be helped. GOD helps two kinds of people, 1) who are kind and help others unconditionally 2) who are humble and help themselves meaning they make serious efforts and commitment.
  11. Never shy to say sorry, thanks and appreciation to others.
  12. Follow your gut feeling rather listening to your peers, it will give you more learning and confidence in your decisions.
  13. Be kind but don’t be stupid when dealing certain people and situations.
  14. Make habit of conquering your fears and what looks impossible to you!
  15. Take low sugar diet because more intake of sugar slows down the brain and makes us lazy!
  16. Exercise 3 to 4 days in a week for at least 30 minutes per day. It will keep your mind fresh from blood circulation in your brain & body.

Try to follow as much as possible above habit in your daily life. Not important to follow all of them at a time. Try one by one. I am sure your life will dramatically change.

Thanks for reading and remember me in your prayers.

Business People Celebrating Success in a Cityscape

Photo credit Glowing.




  1. I’m guilty of number 1 😁. Only late at night that my ideas keep pouring out. I am restless until I finish what I started. I’m also guilty sometimes of number 16. I haven’t done this lately. I should be doing this more often to achieve my goal of having a firm body. Thank you for this reminders.

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