Most selfish one-letter Word

What is the most selfish one letter word?

I” isn’t it?

Everything revolves around the “I”. And what does “I” stand for?

“I” stands for Expectations.

“I should be treated like this”, “I should be loved like this”, “I should be dealt with like this”, “I should be respected like this”, and “I should not be given this”.

We are all leading a life of super high Expectations. Everything revolves around “My opinions” “My desires”, “My likes”, “My dislikes”, “I love this”, “I want this”, and “I don’t want this” …

“I”, “I”, “I”, “I”, “I”…

You think life would be a very happy life when it resolves around “I”?


From a childhood, we are grown up like this. We only learn to take and everyone has to fulfill “My expectations”. Everything has to be up to my expectations. Mama I want this, Mama I don’t want to eat this, Papa buy this for me, Papa give me this and this else I will cry… etc. etc.

It’s all about “My expectations”, how it goes!

When people come to God, Mosque, Church or Temple, They are only ASKING! “Give me what I want”. No one comes to say “I love you God and I want to give you this and this” only asking from God. Not giving something in shape of Prayers, worship etc. only Asking Asking and Asking.

When the president of USA John F Kennedy came to the stage for his first presidential speech, his words rumbled into the public address when he said;

“Ask not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country”

So ask not what God can do for you, as what you can do for God. But no one asks that. Because the “I” is so big. “My expectations”, “My desires”, “My things” are so powerful that even when I come to Mosque or Church or Temple, all I am doing is ASKING.

The more we lead a life of “I”, the more our “I” will be frustrated. Because people don’t just exist in this world to fulfill your expectations. Therefore, the most selfish one letter word is “I”. Which is Expectations.

So avoid this word. How do you avoid this word? Be realistic in your expectations. Having expectations is not a problem but understand that not everyone will fulfil your expectations.

Secondly, avoid this word “I” by trying to serve others. Because when you want to be served, you are dependent on people and they may not serve you. But when you want to serve, who can stop you? When you want respect, people may not respect you. But when you want to give respect, who can stop you? When you want to be loved, you may not be loved. But when you want to give love, who can stop you? When you are wanting charity, people may not give you charity. But when you want to give charity, who will stop you? So change yourself from “I” to “YOU”.

Finally the more you want for yourself, you will remain frustrated. And the more you want to give, you will remain happy.


Credit: Wording expression & Photo: HG Gaur Gopal Prabhu &



  1. I disagree with you since when we have that mindset to think of others before ourselves, we end up feeling lost. We think of them, they also think about themselves, then who the heck will think of us. If there is something I have learnt over the years is to make myself my priority. I for I. I am responsible for my happiness. I have to be responsible for how I treat myself. I have to be responsible for what I eat, my thoughts, my actions, my behaviour and that’s where I want to keep my focus to be. This is a busy world, if you don’t take care of yourself, nobody else will. It’s okay to be selfish or else everyone would debit on your life’s account and you will be left with nothing for self.

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  2. Nice post. The other word , of two letters, is ME. Me, Myself and I. We do have to know ourselves and take care of ourselves and also love ourselves but not at the cost of all others around us. Service to others and compassion for others is vital. Thanks for giving this attention in a clear way in your post.

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  3. I get you point and it’s TRUE. Then, there are those few lost souls, who, “I” stopped existing as a child, because other ran over them and became care givers at a very young age. They didn’t matter, only to be the slave of the family. Now as adult, “I” is being discovered. At times, guilty sets in and self shrinks back hiding needs, hurts and dreams. Just something to think about, with all those great thoughts you have.

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  4. This post is amazing and I think we can all agree that I is the most selfish word ever ( sorry if I use it )
    Thank you so much for helping me with my blog yesterday. It ment a lot. If you want to read any more of my post. I Spock about you in my last one. Thanks xx 😃

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  5. But what if I like YOUr work? 😛

    Indeed, a note about happiness from a psychological research (Can’t remember which one though, unfortunately!) is that it is heavily influenced by our expectations in life.

    If you live a life filled with unrealistic expectations, you will likely not achieve them and forever be unsatisfied with how you’ve lived. There’s a reason why depression is on the rise, the rise in standards of living and expectations of society, truly sad 😦

    On the other hand, a life without expectations would feel meaningless. Gotta find the balance!

    Another nice article. Really love your work. Keep it up 😉

    Btw, after reading through what you’ve shared on your blog, I really feel that you have a lot more value to offer to the world so I’d like to ask if you’d be open to collaborations? I’m planning to make videos for specific topics. If you are interested and want to find out more, let me know eh? We can discuss further on what we can do together!

    A few of the things I have planned are written in this post of mine:

    I’m open to suggestions too so let me know your thoughts 😀

    Your pal,

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    • Yes expectations is important but only realistic expectations 🙂
      Anyway thanks a lot for a lovely and meaningful feedback. Really appreciate your time to read the articles.
      Sure I am open to collaboration anytime.
      It’s my pleasure to be in touch with you 🙂

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