Remember, You are the BRAND.

You are what you eat, You are what you wear. you are what you drive, how you look, how you speak, where you live, what you drive, when you react, how you vote, what you stand for, how you love, hate, dedicate..

You with me on this?

I feel the same way, especially when it comes to building a relationship, career or business. it all starts with how you carry yourself, what you put out into the world, the way you interact with your audience, you friends/relatives, customers, the marketplace. its on you. just YOU!

“Personal brand is what people say about you when you leave the room.” – Jeff Bezos

Your smile is your Logo. Your personality is your business card. How you leave others feeling after an interaction becomes your brand.

Making a best possible good brand is much important. you can improve your Personality brand by;

  • Be interested in people
  • Admit your weaknesses
  • Admire & appreciate your friends
  • Give respect to get respect
  • Associate with people who are successful and happy
  • Attend social gatherings
  • Change your environment by
  • Learn new things
  • Become a Better Listener
  • Expanding Your Interest
  • Becoming a Better Conversationalist
  • Meeting New People
  • Polishing Interpersonal Skills
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Assume that people like you





  1. What a great post to read to start my day!
    But may I know more about the last point that you’ve penned down? How does assuming that people like us can help us to improve our personality brand? It is one of the most interesting point that I’ve found yet!

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  2. but wait… we are a lot more than what we eat, what we wear, the impression we leave. That is like the surface of the ocean, the weather. Our thoughts are the true depths and our feelings and should not be determined by others or the wind or rain or sun.

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