20 Time-tested principles for success

“Think and Grow Rich in Dentistry” by Kelly Brown

The book which i found last week in our national library attracts my attention. Borrowed immediately and read the book before going to bed.

Well written by Kelly Brown. Personally i got many life changing principles which i was really thinking about. There are around 55 Time-tested principles for success which really worth reading and to follow in our lives. below are the few main principles which really inspired me and want to share with you few on them.


  1. If you think everyone will be excited about your success, you are wrong.
  2. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.
  3. Its not how many times you go down that counts. it is how many times you get up.
  4. You can gather a crowd quicker when you have an enemy.
  5. Without promotion something terrible happens…Nothing!
  6. You can learn something from everyone.
  7. If you dont toot your own horn, you may never be heard.
  8. If they aren’t criticizing you, you must be doing something wrong or nothing at all.
  9. You can only succeed if you try.
  10. If you can find out what people want, you can have anything you want.
  11. It is never as easy as it seems at first.
  12. Don’t expect everyone around you to understand.
  13. There is always a way to change your circumstances if you are willing to do whatever it takes.
  14. Successful business owners learn to do more in less time.
  15. If you want your message beard you need to start it with a headline.
  16. If you want to influence a crowd, influence the influencer.
  17. Sell the benefits, not the features.
  18. A successful leader knows the strengths of each individual on the team and leverages it.
  19. Investigate the source of your information
  20. Fear sells better than hope.

If you are reader and love to read then i strongly recommend above book to read and i am sure it will change your decision making style at your work place and in personal life.





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