Relationship 2020

No body successful alone.

It’s important to build healthy, inspiring, supportive relationships. The most significant factor in any person’s life is the people. And this has been true for me.

Did you know that if you change only one thing in your life, the people!! You’ll have increased your chance of success by 10 times. TEN Times!!

Every year I do a life audit. What’s a life audit? Well, I make a list of all the people I spend time with. Then I put a plus if they energize, inspire me and support me to achieve my dreams. I put a minus if they drain me and suck the energy out of me every time I’m with them. Then I make a conscious decision to spend more time with the people with the pluses, less time with the people with minuses. Seems fairly simple. Also seems kind of harsh, I know. Just eliminating toxic people from your life.

But, it’s been very, very successful for me. And I think it will be very successful for you. So, write down people you spend time with. This is a simple exercise.

First Name and put a plus or minus next to them. For wherever they are going, you are going, too. So make conscious decisions to surround yourself with supportive individuals.

Before you head into 2020, make sure you remove the toxic people from your life. This simple exercise will transform your future. I guarantee it. Set yourself up for success in 2020.


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