What I did in Corona Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges in our everyday lives. As we each do our part to help slow the spread of coronavirus disease, we look to the helpers all around us and wonder if we, too, could do more.

Personally I spend my last few months during this pandemic at work and home. Work because am working in a hospital so no off days, no half day or leave. I had must work option only.

Few of my activities were as below;

  • Discover my values, noticed my desires, reorganized my priorities.
  • Time, time and only time to do any thing pending in my life.
  • Watched YouTube videos, movies, speeches, religious activities etc
  • Spent time with my immediate family members at home.
  • Played/gossip with my family members.
  • Read ebooks and study deferent topics books.
  • Increased my daily walking average from 4500 to 8500+ steps.
  • Spend more time at work (offcourse with safety precautions).
  • Talk on phone with friends
  • Rest rest and rest.
  • Thinking about career growth and applied to many reputable organizations. Luckily got many good job offers.
  • long drive around the city.
  • More religious activities in Ramadan at home.
  • Missed my parents/family members who stuck outside the country.

Overall am satisfied with my days in this pandemic. Learned many life lessons during this pandemic. I feel we are lucky to experience world pandemic in our lives.

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