Hi, I am M. Hassan Zada. Live and brought up in Doha Qatar (Arabian Gulf). Roots from Pakistan. Studied Graduation in Business Management and Master in Isl. Banking & Finance. Part qualified Cost & Management Accountant.

Having excellent working experience in Leadership, Customer services and Cust. Experiences. Multiple years Leadership position holder.

Motivator, Speaker, Positive thinker, Nature lover, Peace and Humanity, Music lover.

The reason for Blogging: The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity. I know I have just a few followers & readers but if my blog changes their life, my blog is big enough.

Disclaimer: All images used are credited to the source where I found them. If you have the link to the original source (often difficult to find) or you do not want your image on one of my posts, comment or email me and I’ll be happy to edit accordingly!